Wiz Ofuasia 5 fun facts

5 amazing facts you probably don’t know about Wiz Ofuasia.

Wiz Ofuasia is a popular Nigerian-born singer, songwriter and music producer best known for his hit-single “One Plus One”.
He is originally named Isioma Ofuasia a.k.a. Wizboyy.

However, in this article, we will discuss 5 amazing facts you probably don’t know about Wiz Ofuasia.


Most of Wiz Ofuasia fans are familiar with his groundbreaking music styles as well as his inspiring and amazing stage performance.

Well, you may be one of the people who are not familiar with some fun facts about this Wiz Ofuasia.

5 Amazing Fun Facts about Wiz Ofuasia

1. A nickname my parents called me growing up: Big Boy (They still call me that)

Many people have much respect and love for Wiz Ofuasia:
He is one of the lucky few to have achieved popularity and celebrity status at his early music career age.

This, moreover was because of his good music and stage performance.

Unknown to many, Wiz Ofuasia nickname given to him by his parent was “Big Boy” and up to date his parent still call him “Big Boy”.

2. First country I traveled to: Sierra Leone


In 2011 the first country I traveled to was Sierra Leone.

In my early careers days I was in Sierra Leone for a show on her 50th Independent day back in 2017.

It was a great event and also @wizofuasia was invited as a guest artist. The event created even more international awareness and this is because of his good music and stage performance.

3. First musical instrument I learned: Guitar

Wiz Ofuasi is a multi-instrumentalist and was raised by a musically gifted mother and a devoted singer in the church who would drag him to choir rehearsals when he was just 6. Soon enough, he found his love for music, joined the church choir at the age of 8 and began to learn the musical rudiments, from solfa notations to music composition.

His first musical instrument that he learnt was a guitar Which is unknown to many but few. (Now You know)

4. The longest I’ve spent on working on a song/which song: 8 months (Jacuzzi)

Most major artists will be looking at least three(3) months to write, compose and record a song and usually with a great deal of help. Some of this writing may be done in the studio as part of the recording process though too.

Wiz Ofuasi Song JACUZZI Featuring the Nigerian award winning Artist: Ice Prince, took him about 8 months to finish and which makes it the longest he has ever spent on a song.

The Song JACUZZI ft. Ice Prince has over thousands of views on YouTube.

According to Wiz Ofuasia :

“The higher you go, the greater the expectations. The fans always want more, so you have to do more. Handling negativity is also not very easy to do. You just have to keep your head held high no matter what”.

5. What I wanted to be growing up: Electrical/Electronic Engineer

Growing up as child Wiz-ofuasi also known as Wizboyy wanted to become an Electrical/Electronic Engineer.
Even after Wiz-ofuasi graduated with a Degree in Statistics from the University of Nigeria, Music choose him.

Music has always been his dream. It’s been part of him from childhood. But when growing up, school was compulsory. And in this part of the world there’s a belief that in order to be able to do well in the labor market, you must study a science or business-related subject. So being a child who was science-inclined, I read Statistics. His passion for music surpassed my quest to pursue a nine-to-five job.

Wiz-Ofuasia started his career as an Instrumentalist with a strong background in Highlife and Gospel Music in 2004.

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